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Thousands of companies love our tried and tested way of recruiting. Become a Recruitment Genius today!


  • 1. To get the best response we advertise your job on up to 2,000 of the UK’s best online job boards (these sites may include: TotalJobs, Monster, CareerBuilder, Gumtree, Jobsite, Fish4Jobs, JobsToday) and cover almost every sector (for example IT jobs may be included on TechnoJobs and TheITJobBoard, whereas accountancy jobs may be included on AccountancyAgeJobs, FinanceDirector etc.).
  • 2. Applications are automatically ranked to save you the hassle. You’ll immediately be more productive saving time otherwise wasted on inappropriate candidates. You’ll also find talent quicker than your competition.
  • 3. Automated video and telephone screening with JobChat is included so you can see and hear candidates answer your questions without meeting them.
  • 4. Manage your applications with ease with your dedicated online dashboard. Everything is in one place to make life simpler.
  • 5. Simply interview and hire as many candidates as you like at no additional charge. There is no limit to the number of people you hire from the applicants you received. Our fixed-fee is fixed. We charge per recruitment advertising campaign, not per ‘head’. == “We used Recruitment Genius to find a suitable candidate for our vacant CFO position. We were given many applicants details and the post was filled within a week.”​ – Neil Hunter, Cashmaster International. == CREATE AN ACCOUNT TODAY (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED) AND JOIN THOUSANDS OF RECRUITMENT GENIUSES

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