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Branch Growth Development Manager at Equity Bank Kenya

June 17, 2024
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Job Description

  • To provide strategic leadership in business development in line with bank’s overall strategy. The role responsible in leading the Credit Risk Manager, Relationship Manager -Business, and the Operations & Service Managers in meeting business developments strategic targets and responsible in establishing and maintaining key relationships with stake holders in the achievement of the Bank’s strategic goals.
  • Active member of the Banks leadership, contributing to strategic, long, medium- and short-term plans aimed at achieving the bank and departmental objectives. Communicate and articulate the business strategy of the Bank to all stakeholders and keep staff engaged and focused on the business developments goals.

Financial Management

  • Spearhead the development of the annual and quarterly financial plans and budgets for the branch.
  • Direct the Branch’s overall effort in growing business in optimum proportions to achieve set targets.
  • Develop and deepen relationships with existing and potential customers. Identify and disseminate market opportunities and information to guide business development efforts and product development.
  • Conduct regular business visits both to clients of the Bank, prospects and branch/affiliates of the Bank.
  • Maintain a sustainable, profitable and high-quality balance sheet.
  • Cost management –enforce cost optimization of the resources.
  • Continuously review business case for all products and the branch to ensure that all products and Sectors/Segments contribute positively to the strategic goals of the Bank.

Market & Customer Service

  • Act as the Banks’s brand ambassador.
  • Participate in development & execution of strategies that build the Equity brand and endear it to its chosen markets.
  • Position Equity Bank Kenya as a preferred Bank.
  • Ensure full adherence to the Bank’s customer service chatter.
  • Increase market share in line with strategic ambitions and in a profitable, ethical, and sustainable manner.

Audit Risk & Compliance

  • Custodian and enforcement of policies and procedures from regulatory authorities, Equity bank and other stakeholders.
  • Put in place effective Business Continuity plan
  • Ensure audit and risk rating for the business unit improves and is within set thresholds as per the key performance indicators communicated sometimes.
  • Communicate and articulate the Bank’s risk and control environment to the unit staff and ensure good appreciation of the same

People Management

  • Maintain the appropriate number and caliber human resource to deliver exceptional service, achieve targets and maximize the business’ efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Manage succession at all levels and strive to have competent successors for every key position in the branch with the aim of efficient business continuity and cost management.
  • Mentor and coach staff to build their capacity to perform the roles assigned to them.
  • Provide career guidance and avail learning opportunities and assignments to enhance engagement and career progression.
  • Maintain high morale and motivated staff in the branch
  • Set performance expectations and conduct performance management evaluations promptly to ensure superior performance levels are maintained.
  • Adhere to HR policies in the management of employees.

Performance & Reporting

  • Optimize the use of the Bank’s Management Information System for staff performance management.
  • Ensure optimum segmentation of the Bank’s client database and targeted marketing on the various business segments.
  • Ensure data integrity is maintained regarding the database management and adequate assignment of clientele to business units and to relationship managers/Officers.
  • Submission of relevant and timely reports to the various key stakeholders to aid in decision making.

Education and Experience

  • Holder of a degree (business related preferably) from a recognized University will be desired) or its equivalent with 7 years’ experience in a managerial function
  • Holder of banking professional qualifications such as ACIB or AKIB and working experience in a multicultural environment will have an added advantage
  • Over 12 years working experience at Equity Bank/ industry, with prior experience in both Branch operations and credit having served in the current role for more than 5 years

Behavioral Competencies

  • Is an inclusive leader with an extroverted interest in people
  • Enjoys responsibility, authority and the social initiative required by a leadership position
  • Applies pressure in a charismatic way to achieve an objective and to gain acceptance of their point of view
  • Applies interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and charisma to influence and persuade
  • Is an excellent motivator, knows how to communicate and can persuade
  • Is very independent, has no difficulty accepting risks and has a strong sense of urgency.

Leadership Style

  • Display initiative and an enthusiastic, positive and persuasive style
  • Take immediate control of situations and does what it takes to attain objectives and solve problems
  • Makes decisions in a spontaneous and confident way, based on the available information
  • Is a good team leader; with a confident and “in charge” attitude to lead the group to the completion of goals
  • Encourages direct reports by delegating work, exerting effective controls progressively towards objectives
  • Exercises a lot of pressure to get projects completed.

Desired Knowledge

  • Thorough understanding of the Banking industry and the policies and procedures of the Bank
  • Good knowledge of the business environment, industry regulations and government regulations
  • World class customer service skills
  • Good working knowledge of MS office suite and Bank’s systems.