IFC – International Finance Corporation

Contract – Software Developer – Solar Project

Nairobi County, Nairobi, Kenya
January 26, 2024
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Job Description

Skills and Knowledge

 Proven experience in software development, particularly in Python.

 Familiarity with web technologies, preferably Flask.

 Basic understanding of API design and implementation.

 Experience with Git for collaborative version control.

 Ability to create high-quality, user-friendly interfaces adhering to company design standards.

Other Experience The Ideal Applicant Should Have

 Linux / Debian & experience with single board computers

 Familiarity with Nuitka Python compiler.

 Being familiar with Linux (Debian) on single board computers will help

 Experience with communication networks across a wider area, bridge networks, etc.

 The ability to work both independently and as part of a global team sharing expertise.

 High diligence and patience to proper design procedures and documentation.

 Excellent communication and analytical skills in both written and spoken English.

We are seeking a skilled Contract Software Developer to take on the second milestone of the Simple Off-Grid Monitoring app project. The primary objective is to create a user-friendly interface for monitoring off-grid power supply parameters. The selected candidate will collaborate closely with the senior FW engineer for each milestone, ensuring seamless integration into the overall project.

Roles & Responsibility

  • High-Level Architecture Design:

Develop a simple yet comprehensive architecture diagram outlining the solution for interface development.

  • Software Code Development:

Implement the previously designed architecture using Python, with a preference for Flask to leverage web technologies.

Create a clean and efficient API as a Python class, facilitating data writing and updates to the display.

Implement a mechanism for automatic display refresh, ensuring event based updates.

Adhere to company standards for coding practices.

  • Interface Design:

Develop the user interface in accordance with company standards, including logo, fonts, and color palette.

Ensure a user-friendly experience for displaying remaining battery power supply time and battery State of Charge (SOC) in minutes and percentage formats, respectively.

  • Testing & Iteration:

Conduct thorough testing of the developed code using simulated data, ensuring functionality and reliability on both development and production environments.

Collaborate with the partner developer to integrate all milestones successfully.

  • Collaboration:

Work closely with other engineers using Git for collaborative development.

Collaborate effectively with the Senior Firmware Developer to ensure seamless integration.

If Interested, share your updated resume at Anu@achyutam.co.in

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