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Cyber Risk & Red Team Specialist 

January 31, 2024
Application deadline closed.
Deadline date:
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The CISRO Function

The Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer (CISRO) function is instrumental in protecting and ensuring the resilience of Equity Group’s data and IT systems by managing information, cybersecurity, and IT risk across the enterprise. As a critical function reporting into the Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO), the CISRO function serves as the second line of defence for assuring ICS controls are implemented effectively and in accordance with the Risk Framework and for instilling a culture of cyber security within the Bank. The Group CISRO is responsible for ICS governance, strategy, policy, risk assessments, industry partnerships, and regulatory engagement. The Office of the CISRO is central to ensuring the Bank’s ability to meet its ICS commitments to internal and external stakeholders, including regulators, as well as maintaining an acceptable ICS risk profile that is regularly reported to the Board.

The Role

The Cyber Risks & Red Team Specialist role is highly technical and challenging with opportunities to be part of a team that will have a meaningful impact. The is expected to possess a adequate understanding of both cyber security and information technology and should understand concepts including computer networking, web and native application functionality, operating system functionality, cloud services, corporate network environments and operations. He should be able to learn advanced concepts such as endpoint protection evasion, covert operations, and tailored exploit development.

The role leverages previous penetration testing and Red Team experience. This may involve delivering Threat Intel-led Red Team exercises, developing social engineering test campaigns and the associated collateral, executing phishing campaigns and attempting to compromise internet-facing systems, conducting privilege escalation and lateral movement within the group’s networks, hunting for objectives with little-to-no information provided at hand and attempting to exfiltrate data from the network;  all while avoiding detection from the bank’s security operations teams. The role will require you to perform exploits at scale while remaining stealthy, identify and exploit misconfigurations in the corporate infrastructure, quickly and effectively parse data, present relevant data in a digestible manner, think well outside the box.


  • ·       Set-up internal second line of defense red team lab to enable targeted testing of the group’s environment as well as effective follow up of vulnerability remediations.
  • ·       Manage external red team exercises ensuring that noted risks are remediated and tracked.
  • ·       Review and propose updates to cyber risk management and information security frameworks and policies on an annual basis at a minimum.
  • ·       Enforce implementation of the cyber risk management and information security framework ensuring that key gaps and risks noted are well discussed, actioned and escalated.
  • ·       Support is ensuring the architecting and creation of secure solutions for the cloud that adhere to industry best practices through detailed risk assessments.
  • ·       Support the evaluation of security controls against the SaaS, IaaS and PaaS offerings provided.
  • ·       Support the creation and management of a new security risk management process to approve and authorize new capabilities and monitor the output of the process.
  • ·       Perform risk assessments on network architecture and artifact configurations (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, IDS, IPS), data protection strategies, Host and endpoint protections, security resilience and monitoring, applications and APIs protections and give practical recommendations.
  • ·       Review and advice on the risk control self-assessments (RCSAs) performed by 1 LOD teams for the allocated risk subtypes.
  • ·       Support first line IT units in coming up with baselines for implementation and in accordance with best practices these include baselines for secure coding, custom scripts and programs.
  • ·       Support in other reviews that might be allocated from time to time.
  • ·       Monitor and report on Key risk indicators affecting various cyber risks while planning remedial actions
  • ·       Present findings with clarity to management and get buy-in for implementation of controls.
  • ·       Have the capability to mine forensic data for investigative and forensic if called upon.
  • ·       Support cyber forensic investigation and root cause analysis when required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information and Cyber Security, Technology or equivalent
  • 5 years of relevant in information security or risk management, preferably in Banking and Financial sector, with hands-on experience in penetration testing red teaming and information assurance assessments
  • Minimum of CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification or LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester)
  • Any one ISACA related Certification (e.g. CISM, CISA, CRISC and CGEIT) * Added advantage
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) * Added advantage
  • OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional) * Added advantage
  • OSEE (Offensive Security Exploitation Expert) * Added advantage
  • OSCP (BEST) (Offensive Security Certified Professional) * Added advantage
  • Consistently able to demonstrate or articulate value proposition
  • Candidates must have demonstrated skills in penetration testing and ethical hacking having carried out:
    • Password guessing and cracking attacks.
    • Session hijacking and spoofing attacks.
    •  Network traffic sniffing attacks.
    • Denial of Service attacks.
    • Exploiting buffer overflow vulnerabilities.
  • Good understanding of networks and networking elements.
  • Good understanding of web pages and it’s technology.
  • Expertise in Linux machine recommended Kali and parrot.
  • Familiar with various operating systems and databases
  • Red team experience
  • Ability to both assess priorities and to focus on work in a structured fashion which delivers results
  • Sound judgement and anticipation
  • Strong integrity, independence, and resilience 


: Equity Group Holdings

Employment Type

: Regular

Job Level

: Manager

Job Shift

: Day Job

Job Posting

: Jan 30, 2024, 12:02:19 PM