Demand Planning Analyst at M-KOPA Solar

00100, Nairobi Kenya
June 3, 2024
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Job Description

Demand Planning Analyst at M-KOPA Solar

Are you prepared to embark on an extraordinary journey with M-KOPA?

In this role, you will develop and implement strategic plans to meet supply demand while minimizing costs and maximizing operational efficiency.

You will be responsible for analyzing market trends, forecasting demand, and coordinating with various departments to optimize inventory levels and ensure the timely availability of products and services. As the demand and planning lead, you will establish effective forecast models based on industry trends and demand patterns, subsequently implementing solutions to improve demand forecasting accuracy.

Additionally, you will develop multiple metrics to validate forecasting accuracy per industry standards and communicate corrective actions to ensure timely resolution. Successfully communicating forecast and inventory estimations to management will be a critical part of your responsibilities.

You will monitor and report on significant changes in sales forecasts, budgets, and business strategies, supporting management with risk assessments and mitigation activities. Conducting monthly forecast maintenance and addressing demand-related issues in a timely and effective manner will be essential.

Maintaining demand planning processes to improve forecast accuracy will be crucial, as will updating forecasts for new products, seasonal items, discounts, and promotions. You will develop an accurate SKU-level forecast by month through exception-based planning and submission. Identifying and analyzing sales trends and other demand-influencing variables will allow you to incorporate this analysis into forecasting, inventory planning, and safety stock processes, ensuring our operations remain efficient and responsive to market changes.

Demand Planning Analyst at M-KOPA Solar