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Firmware & UX Developer at Ariya Finergy

November 3, 2023
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Job Description

Purpose of role

  • Ariya Finergy Holdings Ltd (“Ariya”) is an experienced developer of and investor in clean and renewable energy projects with the ability to finance, own and operate such projects through proprietary structures.
  • Ariya is looking to add a Firmware & User Experience Developer whose role will be to support our existing developers in areas of local visualization & control as well as new feature development on Ariya’s Vision Controller. The Vision Controller is our in-house built Energy Management System that controls our revolutionary solar + storage projects.
  • The Developer must have strong experience in Python running on IoT systems with a focus on user experience. Experience with desktop interface (HMI screens) in an industrial control environment is highly required.
  • They will work closely with our existing developers in creating new features for the Vision Controller.

The objectives of the roles are:

  • Learn, adopt, maintain, improve the existing HMI and Display screens written in a web development technology.


  • Evaluate keeping vs. improving the existing infrastructure of the client facing HMI & Display screens.
  • Evaluate open source resource tools to design and develop graphic components.
  • Experience with Python based user interfaces, or developing windows desktop applications for UI screens in industrial environments required for this role.

PHASE THREE – Additional Scope For Growth

  • Develop new features for the Vision Controller to enable local monitoring and control of renewable energy projects.
  • Lead the development of the Vison Controller local (and possibly cloud) user experience.
  • Implement unique customer requests for new applications of the Vison Controller.
  • Firmware development understanding of the MAIN energy management system codebase to be able to support testing and troubleshooting in the field on new products, applications or features released by the Vision Controller software architect.
  • Improvements on the engineer-facing UX and UI screens including commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting, software updates, loading configuration files, etc.
  • Improve Ariya’s Alarms and Notifications interface for both client and Ariya Maintenance.
  • The Developer will report to the Software Architect remotely and to the Controller Product Lead who works closely with Ariya’s Chief Technical Officer.

Experience & Expertise

Educational Background

  • Higher Diploma / Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Five years minimum of proven working experience in doing FW development for IoT

Skills and Knowledge

  • Experience with single board computers and Linux (Debian).
  • Track record of working with storyboards, UX development and implementation.
  • Python programming skills specifically around graphing and user interfaces.
  • Experience with Redis, Influx or other locally hosted databases.
  • Attention to detail – quick ability to identify inconsistencies in user experience from colors & fonts to names & units.
  • Very familiar with code versioning and management.
  • Stakeholder communication and technical writing – effective communication with colleagues, clients, suppliers.
  • Problem solving – resolving technical challenges on site.
  • Quality Control – review of performed works against installation standards and identification of snags and incomplete works that require rectification.

Other experience the applicant should have:

  • Familiar with cloud infrastructure and front end tools.
  • High diligence and patience to proper design procedures and documentation.
  • The ability to self-motivate and complete work assignments under pressure.
  • The ability to network with Ariya customers, business partners, staff and management at all levels.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills in both written and spoken English.
  • The highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Highly developed organizational and teamwork skills.
  • Commitment, collaboration, integrity, confidentiality, mutual respect, and transparency.