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Grants Program Support Intern at World Vision Kenya

00100, Nairobi Kenya
June 4, 2024
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Job Description

Grants Program Support Intern at World Vision Kenya

The Regional Resource Development Graduate Intern will provide administrative, Grant Acquisition Analysis and documentation. The role is aligned with the East Africa Region and Partnership Strategy, Our Promise 2030, Going Further Than We Imagined. The role will support the achievement of Grant Acquisition strategy 2025.

In this role, the intern will gain valuable hands-on experience in administrative tasks, grant acquisition analysis, and documentation. This practical experience will not only enhance his/her skills but also provide a deep understanding of the processes and intricacies involved in resource development within the East Africa Region. By actively participating in these tasks, the intern will contribute to personal growth and professional development, allowing them to build a strong foundation for a career in resource development or a related field.


Monitor and Report Field Office Progress

  • Schedule, send the agenda and take meeting notes for dissemination and filing in Box for Grant acquisition an ad Management GAMHUB quarterly calls, one- on-one FO meeting with RRDD and the RDU bi-weekly catch-up calls
  • Update the EAR, FO and external partners contact list
  • File and organize the EAR GAM documents in Box

Research and Analysis (Influence)

  • Coordinate information collection for capacity statement development
  • Update the Grant Opportunity Acquisition Tracking (GOAT) report for further review with the RRDD

Administrative Support, Planning and Reporting

  • Prepare the draft budget, agenda and logistics (flights, accommodation, meals, ground transport, RDU material, passports and visas) for WV EAR RDU internal and external meetings, workshops, launches, conferences or forums
  • Support knowledge EAR GAM knowledge management site and the teams channels documents.

EAR GAMHUB correspondent

  • Survey NOs, RO, and SOs to attain their priorities, assess the results, identify key experts throughout the partnership to address their concerns, and coordinate development of the agenda
  • Coordinate logistics and accommodation of local and international attendees the Come up with the Agenda for the meeting in collaboration with the RDU Team
  • Develop a GAM HUB Report and Action Plan to disseminate to all stakeholders


Required Professional Experience

  • Knowledge of emerging global trends, resource mobilization, community development, and fragile contexts.
  • Experience planning and organizing workshops or forums for participants in multiple countries.
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills, particularly in a cross-cultural environment
  • Planning and organizational skills and ability to prioritize multiple activities
  • Experience in data analysis

Required Education, training, license, Registration, and certification

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in social sciences, economics or any other related fields
  • Capabilities – achieving, thinking, self-managing, relational, networking and collaboration and humanitarian diplomacy.

Grants Program Support Intern at World Vision Kenya