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Manager – Enterprise Network programmability at Safaricom Kenya

00100, Nairobi Kenya
June 4, 2024
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Job Description

Manager – Enterprise Network programmability at Safaricom Kenya

Reporting to the Senior Manager – Enterprise Applications and Platformsthe position holder will be responsible for providing people and technical leadership to perform in Digital Infrastructure and Process engineering for Technical Enterprise Services department. He / she will provide Network-as-a-service platform, processes and solutions that will support EBU digital products delivery in line with the Enterprise Applications and Platforms mission. This will include but not limited to NetDevOps, Software defined Networking, Edge & Cloud computing, Process automation and Next Generation-connectivity.


  • Lead and champion Enterprise Edge network digitization activities as part of predictive maintenances on the Enterprise Network
  • Lead and champion next generation connectivity e.g. SDN, 5G for Enterprise, IPv6, Managed Services
  • Lead and motivate the TES teams to adopt robotic process automation to eliminate repetitive linear activities to optimize deployment processes.
  • Automate Performance management to achieve service uptime targets.
  • Automate  and simplify configuration management of the Enterprise Network and Serivices. 
  • Version control of source code
  • 100% complicance with security and quality assurance
  • Automated and simplify provisioning of  order fulfillment processes to reduce billing time.
  • Develop configuration management tools to reduce repetitive maintenance tasks including remote access management and site acceptance procedures.
  • Employ Data science analytics tools to simplify and Analyze Enterprise Edge IP network logs to resolve and report running faults before they become service affecting.
  • Lead Digital Empowerment of Customer facing teams to improve customer SLA and significantly reduce BAU escalations to Backend Infrastructure team.
  • Lead agile collaboration activities with digital NOC team and participate in End to End EBU automation project squad.
  • Optimize and monitor alerts on the Enteprise Applications and Platforms, and follow up on resolutions.
  • Be a custodian of processes documentation and improvements of the versions.
  • Spares tracking and management in liaison with the responsible sections in the company for the enterprise devices in use.
  • Fix network and system faults on the Enterprise network and Enterprise Applications and platforms serving EBU customers  in co-ordination with other cross-functional teams.
  • Co-ordinate proactive exercises in the TES department in order to ensure optimal performance and reduce possibilities of service outages in co-ordination with the support teams.
  • Track QOS affecting parameters e.g. utilization , CPU/Memory and latencies on the Enterprise Applications and Platforms assets serving enterprise customers and  ensure proactive resolutions.
  • Provide data driven insights to leverage on AI/ML for predictive analysis


  • Degree in Telecoms, Engineering, Physics or Math or any other relevant qualification.
  • 3 years’ experience in technical support and a  minimum of two years technical support management experience, preferably for an Internet Service provider or equivalent.
  • Digital  Certifications on professional level .i.e. CCNP/CCIE, Accredited Cloud Professional certificats, DevOps, 
  • Ability to manage/troubleshoot a large Service provider infrastructure and platforms
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP – Conversant with IPv4, IPv6 Addressing Schemes, Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM), VLANs, BGP routing, 
  • Knowledge in ISP services; DNS, SMTP, POP3, RADIUS/PPPoE, Web Hosting, 
  • Minimum 3 years’ Experience in a busy ISP environment.
  • Knowledge open-source process automation tools such as Temporal.

Manager – Enterprise Network programmability at Safaricom Kenya