Faith to Action Network

Organisational Review Consultancy

Nairobi, Kenya
December 30, 2023
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Job Description

Specific Objectives of the Review

  • Consider whether and how the introduction of a new operations oversight role (e.g. Chief Operations Officer – COO) would streamline operations and reduce bottlenecks, including considering the overall organization structure and reporting requirements.
  • Identify any critical areas of current non-optimal performance of the Secretariat given legal requirements (Kenya), international standards/requirements, and expectations of the membership, and recommend specific improvements to be made in the next 6 -12 months arranged according to urgency qand priority.
  • Identify current operations leadership strengths, gaps, and priorities for development, based on the insight of senior management and representatives of both staff and the Steering Council (board).

Scope of Work

The Scope of work is as follows:

  • assess the relevance and efficiency of the current organisational structure and staff positions in view of the F2AN Secretariat’s changing roles and priorities, particularly on operations leadership and management of both financial and fund management and strengthening the network functions;
  • assess the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the current programmatic implementation approaches/models, donor/lead partner feedback and recommend any changes necessary to realise high impact outcomes
  • assess policies and procedures in place and to assess to either what extent they are adhered to and/or to what extent procedures need to be strengthened;
  • consider similar regional inter-governmental organisations to F2AN in view of the item (i) above, (e.g. AACC, ACRL-RfP, FECCLAHA, ACT Alliance, CHAK or EPN all Nairobi-based and membership-based and receiving international funding);
  • submit recommendations with implementations and monitoring strategies/guidelines of the recommendations to the CEO and the Steering Council.

Qualifications for Engagement of Consultants

The following are the qualifications required:

  • Must possess more than 5 years of active engagement in organisational management consultancy;
  • Must possess a relevant professional qualification in organisational management preferably at the Master’s degree level; and demonstrate evidence of performing similar work of an international nature; and
  • familiarity with non-governmental organisational work environment and dynamics.

The proposed activities are as follows:

  • finalized Work Plan upon consultation with the Secretariat;
  • assessment of the existing organisational structure and determination of Secretariat priorities;
  • first Progress Report and consultations;
  • development of proposed organisational structure (including staffing);
  • second Progress Report and consultations;
  • final Draft Report and consultations with F2AN Steering Council Members; and
  • submission of final report to F2AN Secretariat.

Method of Application

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