Kenya Airways

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer at Kenya Airways

00100, Nairobi Kenya
June 18, 2024
Application deadline closed.
Deadline date:
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer at Kenya Airways

Brief Description        

The candidate will develop maintenance procedures and work instructions, supervise SQAEs & QAEs, plan, conduct audits and coordinate audits and investigations in order to ensure an airworthy, reliable, quality product/service is provided in a cost-effective manner. Will also ensure that technical staff work within the framework of the Kenya airways company procedures and to satisfy the requirements of KCAA/EASA Part 145.A.65 and to maintain an independent Quality System.

Detailed Description        
Principal Accountabilities (Responsibility)

  • Carry out planned audits/Inspections/spot checks/surveys as the lead auditor of all Technical Department sections and provide written reports.
  • Ensure follow-up on audit findings, verify closures and close audit findings including monitoring the effectiveness of any corrective action from feedback and by direct surveillance.
  • Manage periodic and random audits within KQ Technical Department to ensure compliance with KCAA, FAA, EASA and Kenya Airways standards.
  • Carry out audits/Inspections/spot checks/surveys of aircraft maintenance at base, line stations and any contracted sites used by Kenya Airways.
  • Carry out audits/Inspections/spot checks/surveys of the facilities at any contracted sites and at base, checking that tools and equipment are kept in good condition and acceptable standards of storage exist.
  • Carry out audits/Inspections/spot checks/surveys for the material supply and storage system including facilities and records; this will encompass checks on certification documents, labelling, stores inspection, binning and shelf-life control.
  • Log in reported occurrences/incidents into QA database, investigate all incidents/occurrence reports as applicable, and report as applicable to KCAA/EASA/Customer’s Civil Aviation Authority/Operators and share incident reports with all stakeholders and follow up on the implementation of recommendations.
  • Recommend approval, withdrawal, suspension and termination of authorisations for technician, certifying staff, support staff and non-aircraft Authorised staff.
  • Review and advise on aircraft/component certification coverage to management.
  • Review and assess the impact of the changes made to Maintenance Control Manual (MCM), Maintenance Procedures Manual (MPM) and Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE), Technical Procedures Manual (TPM) and Quality Procedures Manual (QPM).
  • Analyze procedural recommendations from various technical department line managers to ensure that they meet Kenya Airways and KCAA standards.
  • Periodic assessment of the approved vendor database and make recommendations for appropriate actions (audits, suspension, and reinstatement).
  • Provide oversight for issue of aircraft Certificate of Registration and issue/renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness and Radio license.
  • Provide QA Airworthiness statistics and periodic relevant Quality and Safety data such as QA Monthly reports including ASR monthly updates and MOR Weekly reports.
  • Point of contact for regulatory/external audits authorities. This involves Coordination, preparation, handling of and response to external auditors and regulatory authorities.
  • Liaison with other Regulatory bodies and all Technical Department Sections on all matters of Quality and Safety.
  • Evaluate and coordinate QA project.
  • Responsible for guidance, motivation, development and training of Senior Quality Assurance Engineers and Quality Assurance Engineers.
  • Develop training plan for the QA personnel.
  • Conduct competence assessment for the QAE and SQAE.
  • Implement ideas for improving quality and safety management systems.
  • Prepare management review data/presentation for the top management briefing.
  • Assists Quality Lead(s) in developing and monitoring QA program.
  • Support Quality Lead(s) in budget preparation and management.
  • Deputies Quality Lead(s) and carry out any other duties within the Quality Assurance Section as directed by the Quality Lead(s).

Job Requirements        
Qualification (Minimum)  

  • Bachelor’s degree/Diploma in Aeronautical/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
  • Licensed Aircraft Engineer with at least 2 licenses
  • Must have attended quality management course.
  • Have at least 2 KQ aircraft type training or 1 KQ component training.
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in CRS Issue/ 3 years’ experience in Management.
  • Have SMS training
  • Trained on Incident Investigation.
  • Training in audit techniques. 
  • Must have relevant engineering degree with at least 7 years aviation engineering experience with at least 3 years’ experience in quality assurance/Quality Control OR
  • Must have Diploma in relevant Engineering field with at least 8 years aviation maintenance experience with at least 3 years in CRS Issue.
  • Fully conversant with relevant technical procedures
  • Fully conversant with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Has knowledge in statistical analysis.
  • Knowledge of Industrial Safety Standards
  • Participated in approval examinations for authorization applicants
  • Has successfully carried out audits as a lead auditor.
  • Experience in product audits
  • Demonstrated experience in acquisition and disposal of aircraft.
  • Demonstrated experience in supervising teams, tasks or projects
  • Demonstrated experience in managing team meeting

Additional Details        
Other Skills

  • Proven Management skills.
  • Proven Mentoring and coaching Skills.
  • Proven supervisory skills.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Procedure writing skills.

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer at Kenya Airways