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Senior Engineering Manager: Release Engineering

00100, Nairobi Kenya
June 4, 2024
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Job Description

Senior Engineering Manager: Release Engineering

As a Senior Engineering Manager: Release Engineering, you will own the end-to-end delivery of our DevOps strategy and practice and the teams that deliver the rollout of the DevOps practices.

High-Level Requirements:

  • Leadership: Inspire collaboration and innovation.
  • Release Management: Orchestrate seamless release cycles.
  • Technical Proficiency: Strong background in software development and CI/CD.
  • Strategic Planning: Align releases with business objectives.
  • Communication: Collaborate effectively with teams and stakeholders.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure software integrity and reliability.
  • Problem-Solving: Analyze and troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Project Management: Deliver releases on time and within scope.
  • Continuous Improvement: Drive efficiency gains and stay updated on best practices.
  • Risk Management: Identify and manage risks for smooth releases.

You will lead a cross-functional release team with one or more tech leads or senior engineering leads with a large impact production release pipeline, each with 3 – 7 engineers owning the entire lifecycle of a product release workflow.


  • Leadership: Led the team to develop end-to-end software products to help businesses from different verticals create a suite of payment products.
  • People Management: Actively seeking to build a great team and invests in effective training, coaching, process definition, mentorship, and career pathing for the larger team and have 1-1s and monthly performance check-ins with direct reports.
  • Performance management: Set and review performance development goals for the team members. Identifies the readiness for promotion for direct reports.
  • Capacity planning – establishes staffing needs and develops and executes a hiring plan in collaboration with the people team.
  • Strategic thinking – Plan and execute long-term strategies that benefit the team and product. Works with Product Managers, Designers, and other disciplines to explore the successive iterations of the product/set of assigned products.
  • Connect with other engineering teams directly to understand and develop solutions for their jobs to be done.
  • Process improvement: Identifies areas of process improvement and proposes the changes to streamline and drive improvements in development processes and procedures.


  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, Majoring in Computer Science or related fields.
  • Certifications in Release Management or DevOps Practices: Possession of relevant certifications, such as those in release management or DevOps practices, demonstrate a commitment to staying current with industry best practices and a depth of knowledge in the methodologies critical to the role of a Senior Engineering Manager in Release Engineering.
  • 5+ years of experience developing and shipping software products and/or services.
  • 3+ years as a team lead or manager of a cross-functional engineering team.
  • Hands-on solid systems design competencies and experience building channels(APIs, Messaging, and Chat products preferred)
  • Proven experience leading technical projects and delivering on ambitious goals.
  • Deep knowledge of engineering processes, the underlying principles, and tradeoffs.
  • Fluency in one or more general-purpose programming languages, including but not limited to: Golang, Python, Java, and C#.
  • Experience managing and deploying distributed systems for cloud-based micro-services architecture.
  • Experience working in a mature DevOps, SRE, or Modern Engineering organization supporting internet/hyper-scale services
  • Proven DevOps methodology experience.
  • Work experience with global release management: Previous experience managing software releases on a global scale, including coordination across diverse time zones, cultural considerations, and localization requirements.
  • Work experience with DevOps Integration: Demonstrated success in integrating Release Engineering processes seamlessly into a DevOps culture, fostering collaboration between development and operations teams to achieve continuous improvement and streamlined workflows.
  • Work experience with Automated Testing Implementation: Proven expertise in implementing and optimizing automated testing strategies within the release process, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and efficient identification of potential issues before software deployment.
  • Cloud Deployment Expertise: Nice to have experience includes a background in deploying software releases on cloud platforms, showcasing familiarity with cloud-native technologies and the ability to optimize release processes for scalability, resilience, and efficiency in cloud environments.



  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Leadership and Team Management.
  • Release Management and CI/CD Expertise.
  • Problem-solving and Decision-Making.

Personal Attributes:

  • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with others – Shares ideas and information.
  • Assists colleagues unprompted.
  • Takes pride in achieving team objectives. Other elements may include, e.g.
  • Having credibility with peers and senior managers .
  • Being self-motivated – being driven to achieve results.
  • High customer service ethic – being passionate about meeting customer expectations and improving service levels.
  • Keeps pace with change – acquires knowledge/skills as the business develops.

Senior Engineering Manager: Release Engineering