Software Systems Engineer (Remote, GBR)

United Kingdom
November 30, 2023
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Job Description

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The CrowdStrike UI Developer Experience team (UIDX) is responsible for improving developer productivity by reducing friction through tools and processes. We currently support over 250 UI engineers who build and maintain our internal and external software products. These products are leveraged by our customers 24/7 to protect their systems from the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity adversaries.

UIDX provides the systems, infrastructure, and tooling that enables UI engineers to build, test, deploy, and activate features in our applications, including:

Tools and processes for dealing with errors or incidents.

Build processes, both local and in Continuous Integration (CI).

Tools for troubleshooting and debugging production systems.

Local development: setup, running, making changes to code.

Monitoring and maintaining speed and stability of automated changes through CI pipelines.

Enabling UI engineering teams to provide sufficient automated test coverage.

Facilitating cross-team collaboration during development – e.g. code dependencies and shared libraries.

Ease of deployment, activation, rollback, and deactivation of features.

Configuration and administration of UI systems – e.g. code repositories, build pipelines, error reporting, etc.

Documentation and training for all the above.

As a member of the UIDX team, you will be part of a culture that promotes a “safe space” for your continued career growth:

We believe that a highly diverse team can solve the most challenging problems, and therefore encourage individuals to bring their whole selves to work – interests, backgrounds, demographics, joys and concerns.

We promote and model healthy habits for work/life balance, and fully leverage paid leave judgement-free.

We aren’t afraid to have difficult conversations through a lens of understanding, and we work across teams to find solutions that are the best fit for our organization.

We encourage our team to continuously learn and grow, through formal training and peer mentorship.

We support each other when we struggle, we lift each other up when we win.

If you are someone who enjoys helping fellow engineers solve difficult problems while enabling teams to be more self-sufficient, the CrowdStrike UIDX team is the place for you!

What You’ll Do

Providing world-class resources and service to a large and fast-growing group of UI engineers is critical to CrowdStrike’s continued success. One important component of that service is to enable developers to own as much of their build as possible, and supporting developers when their builds fail. To fulfill this need, the UIDX team is looking for UI Systems Engineers of varying levels of experience who excel in one or more of these areas:

Installation, configuration, and management of UI development systems: infrastructure, tooling, pipelines, and monitoring.

Helping developers answer questions about the installation, configuration, and building of their apps both locally and in CI pipelines, including troubleshooting and resolving issues with builds.

Identifying and implementing new features/documentation for local development and CI, to enable UI engineers to self-service their builds. This includes optimization of flaky and long-running builds.

Provide training for new team members both in UIDX and UI engineering teams, to help them learn and effectively work in our systems.

Assisting with rare or unique build scenarios, such as code freeze exceptions, rollbacks, and hotfixes for production issues.

Participate in code reviews for new feature development (e.g. Pull Requests).

While our team currently provides these services, we want to see this become a more dedicated role within the organization. For entry-level systems engineers, it is a great environment to learn quickly and hone your skills. For current and aspiring leaders, it is an opportunity to strengthen and own an area of focus that will help us continue to evolve.

What You’ll Need

A good understanding of JavaScript and experience building web application user interfaces with modern frameworks such as Ember, React, Angular, or Vue.

A good understanding of CI/CD pipeline configuration using tools such as Jenkins.

Familiarity with client-side build processes and tools (e.g. Ember CLI, Webpack, etc.)

Experience writing command-line scripts using Node.js.

Experience with testing frameworks, tools and methodologies such as QUnit or Mocha.

Familiarity with Amazon Web Services

Comfortable with Git or similar version control systems and workflows.

A desire to work closely with others to deliver quality software and solve problems.


Benefits of Working at CrowdStrike:

Remote-first culture

Market leader in compensation and equity awards

Competitive vacation and flexible working arrangements

Comprehensive and inclusive health benefits

Physical and mental wellness programs

Paid parental leave, including adoption

A variety of professional development and mentorship opportunities

Offices with stocked kitchens when you need to fuel innovation and collaboration