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76% of resumes are discarded because of this mistake.

Resumes mistake

Imagine spending a lot of hours crafting a perfect resume. You tailor it to the job description and hit submit, only for it to vanish into the trash bin.

CareerBuilder did a study that revealed that 76% of resumes get discarded before even reaching human eyes. But what’s the culprit behind this resume massacre? Here are the mistakes they found.

  1. Formatting, content, or lack of keywords

Only 25% of resumes pass the ATS. This means that 75% of resumes get rejected because of the wrong format, content, or lack of keywords. Here is how to ensure your resume shines by focusing on three key areas:

  • Formatting—Keep your resume clean, organized, and ATS-friendly, with clear sections and consistent fonts.
  • Ensure the content highlights achievements using strong action verbs and quantifiable results, tailoring it to each specific job description. Learn more about how to use action verbs and tailor your resume to each job application.
  • Ensure that keywords are strategically sprinkled throughout your resume. Consider both the industry terms and the specific requirements listed in the job posting.

2. Poor grammar or a spelling error

59% of recruiters will reject your resume because of poor grammar or spelling errors.

To ensure your resume doesn’t get rejected, proofread it and polish it to perfection! Go beyond basic spell-checking and grammar scans. Scrutinize each sentence for clarity, conciseness, and impact.

3. Too much information

The most common mistake job seekers make is to include too much information about themselves.

Your resume should be one page, front-side only.

4. Unprofessional email address

An email address like or may sound funny to your friends, but it will scream unprofessionalism to recruiters.

When including your email address in your resume, use a professional format. A professional email format that contains your surname and your first name or the initials of your first name so that it is easily identifiable.

5. Overuse of cliches

Over 50% of recruiters will reject your resume if it is full of cliches.

Resume cliches that recruiters hate:

  • Team player: Everyone uses this phrase, so it doesn’t tell recruiters anything specific about your teamwork skills. Show, don’t tell. Use examples of situations where you collaborated effectively.
  • Results-oriented: This is vague and doesn’t quantify your achievements. Use data and metrics to showcase your impact.
  • Highly motivated: Everyone is motivated to find a job, so this doesn’t stand out. Show your motivation by highlighting your passion for the industry or specific role.
  • Detail-oriented: This is implied by a well-formatted and error-free resume. Back it up with specific examples of your attention to detail.


Let’s help you avoid the above mistakes and land you the interview you deserve. Get a powerful cover letter, and resume that will land you the interview you deserve.

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