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Should You Include Hobbies And Interests In Your Resume?

Let’s face it, resumes can be pretty dry documents. You list your skills, experience, and education, but often lack that special something that signals to employers that you are well-rounded. That’s where hobbies and interests come in.

But wait! Are hobbies and interests necessary on your resume? Do they add any value to your resume? And if so, how do you avoid sounding like you’re just listing random activities?

This guide here will answer all those burning questions!

We will also share tips and strategies on how to choose the right hobbies and interests to make your resume stand out and be noticed by employers.

Keep reading to discover more!

What is the difference between hobbies and interests?

Although hobbies and interests are related and used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference. Interest refers to a broad range of activities that capture your curiosity and attention. For instance, I love reading novels and exploring new literature. That’s one of my interests. While hobbies are a set of activities that bring you pleasure and relaxation, for example, I find relaxation when painting, gardening, and playing a musical instrument.

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Should you even include hobbies and interests on your resume?

It depends!

Let’s take a closer look at when you should include your hobbies and interests on your resume.

  • When you have limited work and education experience.
  • When the employers specify to include them.
  • You have limited skills related to the job you are applying for.
  • You have some remaining space on your resume after including all the required sections.
  • When the company you are applying for emphasizes personality and fit.
  • When you have impressive hobbies and interests related to the job you are applying for.

Always remember to be as concise as possible when including hobbies on your resume. DON’T choose hobbies and interests that do not demonstrate skills or qualities relevant to the job. Finally, be ready to elaborate further on your hobbies, interests, and how they relate to the job when you are called for an interview.

When NOT to include hobbies and interests on your resume?

There comes a time when adding hobbies and interests will not add any value to your resume. Here is when to hit the brakes and not include hobbies and interests in your resume:

  • When your resume has limited space.
  • If you have hobbies that are controversial and irrelevant to the job you are applying for.
  • When your hobbies do not align with the company culture.
  • When you have hobbies that are unprofessional and may lead to raising eyebrows.

Types of hobbies and interests to include on your resume

You already know that the best types of hobbies and interests to include on your resume are those that match the job description and align with the company culture.

Now, what are the best types of hobbies you should include on your resume to signal to the hiring manager that you are a passionate candidate and fit for the company? See below!

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1. Volunteerism:

A recent survey done by the Volunteer Impact Survey found that 78% of hiring managers find including volunteering on their resumes valuable. And 47% of hiring managers are more likely to interview candidates with such experience. As such, volunteering is a sought-after quality by hiring managers, so you should add it to your resume.

2. Learning Languages:

In another study, MIT economist Albert Saiz reported that bilingual college graduates earn 2% higher wages on average than their monolingual counterparts.

Fluency in another language indicates strong communication skills, adaptability, and cultural awareness, making you a more attractive candidate in a globalized market.

3. Technology-related activities

Most companies are moving from full-time to remote. That means hobbies and interests related to technology are on the rise. As such, candidates who possess knowledge of basic coding languages like Python or HTML can set themselves apart in any field because they demonstrate analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and technological aptitude.

4. Physical Activities

A 2020 survey found that 70% of hiring managers would choose a physically active candidate over an inactive one, given equal qualifications. Participating in sports, running, or hiking demonstrates discipline, perseverance, and the ability to work under pressure, valuable traits for any job.

5. Travel & Outdoor Exploration:

A 2022 survey found that 73% of employees believe travel makes them better at their jobs. Traveling and exploring the outdoors demonstrate adaptability, open-mindedness, and a natural curiosity for learning, qualities that can benefit any team.

6. Continuing Education:

According to a 2021 LinkedIn report, 58% of hiring managers look for evidence of continuous learning on resumes. Attending workshops, taking online courses, or learning a new skill shows a commitment to personal and professional development, making you a proactive and adaptable employee.

Note: Here are just a few hobbies and interests to add to your resume. If you have others that you feel will add value to your resume, don’t hesitate to include them.

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How to include hobbies and interests on your resume

Hobbies and interests will add weight to your resume. It will make it more interesting to potential hiring managers, and you might end up landing your dream job. However, you should ensure you capture and prioritize the most important sections on your resume. Such as your summary or objective, professional history, skills, and education.

Remember, hobbies and interests should be listed in the final section of your resume. They should be listed in a descriptive sentence to capture the attention of hiring managers.

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